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Mental Health & Suicide
Suicide Warning Signs

There isn’t really any typical pattern of behavior for someone who is suicidal, but there are common warning signs. You may see one or more of these in someone contemplating suicide. These are the signs that are generally clear and easy to observe: • Talking about dying or[…]

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Does alcohol and other drug abuse increase the risk for suicide?

A number of recent national surveys have helped shed light on the relationship between alcohol and other drug use and suicidal behavior. A review of minimum-age drinking laws and suicides among youths age 18 to 20 found that lower minimum-age drinking laws was associated with higher youth suicide[…]

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About Drug Addiction and Drug Abuse

Both drug abuse and drug addiction can lead to many health problems. These problems vary, depending on the type of drug abused. In general, these are the effects: Drug abuse weakens your immune system. This makes it harder to fight off infection. People who abuse drugs often engage[…]

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