A community collaborative coming together to address addiction.

Treatment Aftercare

Preparing for Life and Recovery Following Treatment The end of substance use treatment is just the beginning of the road to recovery. Your child will need your help and support to get there. Keeping your child healthy following treatment Many parents expect their child to be “fixed” following[…]

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Finding Treatment

What to Look for – and What to Avoid – when Searching for an Addiction Treatment Program Unfortunately, addiction treatment can be a profitable opportunity for those preying upon vulnerable families. Some parents have children who have become victims of the ‘patient brokering’ system. This a network of[…]

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Paying for Treatment

Covering the Costs of Addiction Treatment, Whether Insured or Not When your top priority is helping a sick loved one get well, it’s overwhelming to add financial hurdles to the mix. We know that making treatment more accessible and affordable requires advocacy and work at the policy level.[…]

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How to Navigate the Addiction Treatment System

Realizing that your teen or young adult child needs help for their substance use or addiction can be scary and overwhelming, and you are not alone have no idea where to begin. There is no one-size-fits-all answer so it can take a fair amount of research to figure[…]

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