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Brain Development, Teen Behavior and Preventing Drug Use

As the parent of a teen, have you found yourself looking at your child, wondering “Why would you do that?” From mood swings to risk taking, “normal” teenage behavior can be confusing and exasperating. Research reveals that patterns of brain development during these formative years play a significant[…]

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Risk Factors for Addiction

Most experts believe anyone can become addicted to alcohol or other drugs. Some substances, like nicotine and heroin, are so highly addictive that using them excessively or on a daily basis can lead to addiction in anyone. However, most people who try substances do not progress to heavy[…]

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Is Substance Use a Part of “Normal” Teen Behavior?

We immunize. We require seat belts in the car and helmets while biking. We insist on sunscreen. We do just about everything we can to ensure that our kids are healthy, safe and primed for success. But when it comes to drinking alcohol or even smoking marijuana, why[…]

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Another Quick Screening – CRAFFT

PART A. During the PAST 12 MONTHS, on how many days did you: Drink more than a few sips of beer, wine, or any drink containing alcohol? Put “0” if none. Use any marijuana (pot, weed, hash, or in foods) or “synthetic marijuana” (like “K2” or “Spice”)? Put[…]

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Developing the Teen Brain

Everything I’ve learned about the developing teenage brain has been quite liberating for me. It’s been liberating as a journey in self-discovery. You see, if the brain is not fully wired-up until about the age of 25, then that offers me at least some sort of explanation for[…]

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Teen Brain Development

We explore in this video the intriguing similarities between the processes of brain development and computer programming. The analogy helps us understand why toxic environmental factors like drugs, bullying, or lack of sleep can have such a long-lasting impact on a teenager’s life and can be used to[…]

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